Monday, 29 March 2010

Waiting for horkuns

I have got it into my head that the next block of units for my beastmen to be painted will be the chariots (ignoring the 12 units of infantry that need doing!!!)
Since my horkuns are still in transit, I decided to paint up my dragon ogre shaggoth.

Heavily influenced by my chaos dwarf colour scheme and the original modelling idea from DaveC.

Here he is.


Not too happy with the colour of the loincloth, but may change that.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

and Another


Well here is the second one decided to go for bone armour for a change and after some advice from my friend DaveC made a lot more effort on the gems, which I think paid off.

I was going to do the white part of the cloak a pastel blue but it looked naff so kept it pure white.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Rare chaos sorceror

Just started painting my 2 rare alt chaos sorcerors.
I have been after these 2 for a while so was suprised when they appeared in amongst a small army I had bought :)

Here is the first one, I am liking the dark skinned approach at the minute (not very visible on this one). Tzeentch themed.


Next one should be done tonight then it is on to the shaggoth for my beastmen.

Old habits...

Keep threatening to get my bike out of space dock and get back into it seriously like I did years ago.
Now when I first had my bike made up I had a pair of magura HS33 rim brakes on my old bike.
These are the best brakes I ever had, But was told they wouldn't fit my new frame and forks :(
So I went with goretex cables that were great but no where near the maguras.

So now I come to put some new cables on I find that goretex cables are no longer available, shall I take the plunge and go back to those halcyon days of extreme braking?

Let's see how much I make off of the chaos army first ;)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday games night

Well, decided to take the chaos again after their last outing was a roaring success.
Kept with almost the same list but took out some cav and replaced with chariots and harpies.
Facing empire this time so I was expecting loads of artillery but funnily enough I completely forgot about the knights... DOH!

A couple of turns of commands saw his first brigade of knights smash into my right flank and decimate it along with the artillery ripping apart my hounds :(

But then luck swung my way, my infantry block smashed into his artillery in the middle of the table and a brigade of chariots and dogs engaged 3 units of knights :)
Then both my sorcerors manage to get off rage of chaos, the first was dispelled with a scroll but the second added a whopping 14 attacks to the hounds :)

The infantry chewed through 2 units of cannon and a helblaster before give 2 units of halberdiers a bit of chaos love. It helped that I had dropped 2 units of harpies 1 cm behind all 5 units ;)

Then over to the cavalry engagement here is wher luck left me again.
My chariots and dogs weren't as effective as I had hoped and after a few rounds had driven off my chariots and dogs. This left them dangerously close to my general who attached to a unit of dragon ogres who had a spawn and a unit of dogs with them.
His remaining 6 knights (1,2 and a full unit) plowed into their flank and whilst the 2 part units fell along with 2 knights from the full unit, the dogs got slaughtered and the dragon ogres where steadily whittled away meaning I had lost thanks to the general dying.

Exactly the same as last game but the roles reversed :)
Still a great game as always though.

Next week looks like we may be starting BKC and I am also keen to have a look at FWC as I have a massive epic eldar army in the garage just begging to do some hurt :)

To sell or not to sell?

As some of you may know I have a few OCD's.
One of these is the need to collect every army/model for whatever game I am playing at the minute.
Also bargains on eBay usually mean I end up with massive warmaster armies.
So after picking up a couple of these bargains (to enable me to get some very rare models), I decided to paint them up and sell them on.

My warmaster mortal chaos army currently stands at 12000 (yes thousand points).
Now when a normal game is between 1000 and 2000 points you can see I may have overdone it.

It turns out my resale army is running at just over 3000 points, but as this is some of the latest stuff I have painted, they are also some of my best models.

But how can I possibly justify 15000 points of chaos???

Looks like a weekend siege is in order :)
Either that or ebay beckons :(

Anyway off to paint my rare alt chaos sorcerors and a 10mm dragon ogre shaggoth.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Desperately seeking warmaster

No real updates.
This weekend been painting my centigors.
But I have been trying to start the ball rolling towards getting some of the rare alt models re-released.
But uptake has been REAL slow.

I nearly got my hands on a unit of dragon princes, only for the seller to realise that they are phoenix guard :(

Friday, 12 March 2010

Wrong heroquest

:( not the mb version.

Hero Quest now owned by Armor Cast.

Hero Quest now owned by Armor Cast.

Great news :)
Let's hope they release the much sought after elf/barbarian expansion models :)

NXT-G 2.0

Just received my copy of this new version of the IDE for NXT2.0
It looks cool and I am really interested in the datalogging side of things.
Now to find out how to get it to use all of the old legacy sensors I have for logging rather than the pre-defined ones :)

We will see if it is worth the extortinate price for what should have been a free upgrade or for nominal fee.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Warmaster night

Just had a great game this evening.
Played 2k of my newly painted chaos against 2k of dark elves.
My mate always takes the 2 hydras and does very well with them, so I decided to counter by taking no knights and 2 units of dragon ogres, fronted by spawn in 2 seperate brigades.
This worked perfectly with the first hydra being driven off by the spawn only to be mowed down by a chariot unit.
The second one came unstuck after the dragon ogres charged into the flank of some cold ones and over running the general, who attached to the nearby hydra (can you see what is coming). These were destroyed on the first turn. So the unscathed dragon ogres advanced into the hydra, killed it in the second round of combat along with the Dark Elves effeminate leader :) game over, turn 2.

Next week I am thinking of taking a similar build against whatever my mate chooses to field.

Warmaster paint work

This is what I have been working on this week.

Along with a 1500 point mortal chaos army that I started painting to sell, but now I don't know.
Some more pics here

I am also drawing up an inventory of my sensors.
More to follow.


This is my first post of many I hope.
I am going to use this blog to document my activities within my hobbies along with some of the 'fun' that goes in during my working day.

So what are my hobbies?

I have loved robots since before I can remember, so when lego released the original mindstorms set I purchased everything I could get my hands on.
I also indulged in the making of new homebrew sensors and even though I am a clutz with a soldering iron managed to make some interesting units.
I then bought every lego robot ever made (cybermaster, spybotics, scout, microscout and NXT) and have a couple of the sensors made by the great hitechnics.

In regards gaming, I love boardgames of all sorts from monopoly all the way through to Arkham Horror. I try to get a boardgame session in once a week.
This week we purchased star wars guess who? (Yes another obsession).
We cannot stop playing this game it is great and is actually a very good challenge when played how we do.
That and my daughter seems to be the chosen one as she can guess what my character is after a couple of questions :(

As for wargaming my first love is Warmaster, I have massive collections for all the official armies apart from araby, brettonian and kislev. As well as a number of the unofficial ones.
I will post some pics later.
Currently I am involved in painting a 3000 point beastman army which I am about a third of the way through.
As for actual gaming I play against my mate every week, but opponents are very few and far between, which is a shame as it is THE best ruleset GW ever released.
We are looking to move towards BKC this year as well.

So that's me.
I am hoping to do an overview of the sensors I have made and how they now integrate with the new NXT along with some of my building projects.
I will post an update of my gaming exploits, may even do some bat reps.

So that is it.
Look forward to comments.