Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another obsession, can you be addicted to foam?

Well this weekend I began a new drain on my income.
Nerf, dog, those guns are great.
We have 4 already with 3 more due in the post.
Then I am holding out for the sawn off shotgun or the sniper rifle :)

Back to gaming & robotics.
Had a party at the mansions last week and had a great time, loads of mirth to be had on just dance and then a full blown robot wars with the spybotics.
Later in the day got chatting with one the wife's colleagues son.
A young lad who is taking his first tentative steps in gaming :)
I remember being like that.
He was a very geeky (read cool) young man who got all my star wars jokes and thought our house was the coolest with all the geek gadgets we have. I liked him a lot.
So this week to help him on his journey we are starting up a Heroquest campaign.
The wife is also playing (if our kids go to bed as the eldest is already making noises in regards joining in!) along with her friend and my usual gaming bud.
So hopefully a good night all round, I will post back later.

As for painting, managed to get my ww2 officers done, so just 6 HMGs, 6 infantry, 6 piats, 6 mortars and around 11 artillery pieces and they are finished (pics later) but I have lost all motivation with them :(

Also been planning/sorting out my next 2 warmaster armies (albion and Brettonians).
Just need to swap a few grail knights for peasants, make a hippogriff, grail reliequae and 2 units of pegasus knights and I am there.
The albion force is massive and based on BOFA men, wargs and chaos marauder horsemen.

Also been working on the final stages of warmuster issue 2.
This is a great fanzine and this issue not only goes in depth into siege rules but also shows how to make your own siege equipment and fortress for very little money :)

Anyway that is all for this post, off to dust off my Morcar screen and get my HQ models out of their store.

Later Dudes!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hooray-finsihed at last.

Another post and finally my warmaster beastmen are completed.

Pics can be seen here
This army was a killer, mainly due to me not breaking up the big blocks of infantry into more managable chunks.
But they are done now.

So my next project is 3000 points of WW2 10mm British.
I prepped these last night (glued to bases and undercoated black).
I thought they might take some time, but here I am having had lunch and cut the grass with all my tanks awaiting basing and decals :(

I thought I would enjoy being able to quickly paint an army but boy is dark green boring after a while. Just need some more undercoat, bases and decals come payday.

On the upside my new WM bretonnian army arrived this morning :)
2000 points of coolness for £90 including international shipping :)

Looks like I may be moving onto those sooner than I thought.

Anyway happy gaming.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I'm Back and in a great mood!

After a very long break for illness and holidays.
I am back.
This week I am going to be finishing of the last 9 WM beastmen units (I hope).
I have already prepped my ww2 stuff so that is next.

After saying I would not buy another WM army, I fell on a 2k brettonian force for £80 so I couldn't really pass it up :)
So after my BKC exploits I will be painting up my albion and bretonnian forces in tandem as I will be using some of the infantry in both forces.

Also been playing about with wherigo cartridges.
I got into geocaching as it reminded me of the adventure books I used to read as a kid and hoped that was what it would evolve into.
Instead it ended up being a 'sport' dominated by fat fucking weirdos who can't walk more than 5 yards without collapsing claiming to be hard core!
If you criticise one of these people or their caches, Dog help you!

Shame I know where they live ;)

Anyway rant aside, the wherigo cartridge actually allows you to write a fighting fantasy adventure that you have to walk around and interact with :)
Tried building one about 3 years ago and the official builder was SHITE couldn't get very far at all, but this time I used the very good and intuitive earigo builder.
Published our first cart the other week with loads more planned.

So busy, busy especially with party season in full swing.

Smell you later.