Sunday, 18 November 2012

Two in one month ;)

Yep. that's right 2 posts in one month. Just took my new/old bike out for it's inaugural spin. It is the same spec as my beautiful Quake 9 but with a different (less noise prone non monocoque frame) My quake cost £2k+ back in the day, yet this beauty only set me back £200 and is in mint condition. Got it a few weeks back and I stripped it completely down and rebuilt it. It rode great and is a lovely bike, just need to get the old girl's knee sorted and we are in for a great year for biking :) Laters.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

And so it's time to say goodbye :(

Not form blogging (although, who would notice :)), but I have been toying with leaving the warmaster community for a while. There are some good blokes over there but it is more a collectors forum now where people haggle for 'rare' units rather than one where the game is discussed and progressed. So with that in mind I am putting away the little fellows and who knows if they will reappear, I know I won't be frequenting the forum any time soon :( On the WM\H front, Wilko's journeyman league is going great guns. I made a boo-boo and painted up most of my legion stuff prior to the start so I have missed out on a few points and since I am being sensible, I doubt I will be buying anything else for the faction. The 2 casters I have are very good,as are the units and beasts I have plumped for, so I can't see the point in muddying the waters by buying absolutely everything for the faction... cough cygnar, menoth, skorne cough... The good lady has decided to buy me some lovely cases to store the newly painted stuff and I have also decided to start a little mercs band with pMagnus at the front. Also been painting a lot of skorne. I have only played 3 games with them in 12 month's but it would appear that I am close to owning all the models for the faction. I did take them for a run out on Thursday and even though my plan failed utterly (pHexeris channelled obliteration via worm, heavy damages turn 1) I did table Gaz. I just love the feel and aggressive nature of the faction and now I sort of have the fury mechanic down, I find they play a lot smoother. Taking a leaf out of the legion approach though, I am now looking at just getting the models that interest me that way I will hopefully not need a new house to store them all in ;) I will try to post more regularly ;) Laters.