Sunday, 25 July 2010

Albion here we come

Bit of a slow week for finished units.
I have only managed to complete one unit of Albion Slingers/Archers

But the other 7 units have their hair and skin done so they are about 50% done.
I have done 7 units of warhounds just needing teeth, eyes and basing so around 80% complete.
This is in addition to me trying to sort out the army into reasonable units.
Hopefully, RL permitting, I may just get the majority of these finished next week.

Also started prototyping my pegasus knights and hero on hippogriff.

The peg needs some GS work and he is ready for production.
The hippogriff needs a lot of GS work and I cannot get a decent pic of him at the moment, so I will post one when this is not the case ;)

Also been asked to undertake some commission work in regards modelling and painting.
So that is quite cool.
Also looking to paint up a 4k chaos army and split it to sell again.

Anyway back to painting 10mm tartan kilts ;)

Monday, 19 July 2010

WW2 Brits are finally done

After taking a lot longer than I should, my Blitzkreig Commander 10mm British are finished.
Here are a few pics of the army.

It almost took me as long to paint as it did to upload them here :(

That project finished, I am starting my Albion army.
Hope to get it done by the Autumn.
As I am also toying with the idea of doing some commission work as well as 2x2k point warmaster mortal chaos armies for ebay.

As my next/current army will also be Bretonnian, I have been looking how to do my pegasus knights. I need to order some parts from Eureka (fighting 15's in the UK) who have put their prices up in line with GW's for no apparent reason.
Now don't get me wrong, I love Eureka's 10mm stuff and it definitely fills a void that GW have created through their negligence, as can be evidenced by a number of my armies being based on their range. But this just smacks of profiteering.
That and no free postage is almost forcing me to go with GW as a cheaper option WTF!

If anyone is interested I may be in the market for making hippogriff mounted heroes and units of pegasus knights.
Just drop me a mail and we can discuss costs. I am only looking to cover my costs, not to make a living out of it ;)

Anyway got to go, Nerf wars to fight, RL work to do and 8 units of Albion archers to drybrush(colour schemes would be appreciated).


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Beans, what good are beans???

Evening all,
Today was my 39th birthday.
Haven't done much during the day.
Managed to paint around 24 stands of BKC with just 18 more to go they may be done this week TF.

I played our 3k warmaster game on Tuesday and it was a blast.
So much so that we will be playing 3k for the forseeable future.
The lizardmen lost but not before a unit of terradons creamed his dragon rider :)
On Friday I am playing 1k daemons and 2k mortal chaos against 3k of empier with at least 3 steam tanks and probably more artillery than the city of nuln can field.

Back to today, this evening I went to the ROSCARS which is how my local town encourages the schools and students to better themselves through film-making.
My eldest played jack's mother.
As you can see in the embedded video, you do not mess with her :)
She is also a very good wargamer.
Along with her sister and my beautiful wife they are my pride and joy.
They are what give real meaning to an otherwise drab existence.

Anyway enough soppy bullshit.
I am still on the hunt for my 3 remaining rare/alt units.
I nearly got my hands on 2, yes 2, units of dragon princes this afternoon, but due to not being able to login I missed out to a mate of mine in the US.
So the hunt goes on.

Enough rambling, I am off for a glass of wine to celebrate my last year in my thirties.
Probably the best damn, decade of my life.


Monday, 5 July 2010

On Holiday :)

I am off work all week as is my mate so tomorrow we are having a large (for us) 3000 point game.
High Elves versus Lizardmen.
Anyway, my mate asks if he can use a few of my HE as he is short a few units.
Can I let him know what I have?
SO after a cracking walk this morning with the wife and the mutt I got down to inventoring most of my warmaster stuff (main armies not add ons like emperor dragons and zeppelins).
Turns out I had a lot more than I thought with most of the 23 armies coming in above 3000 points and a fair few coming way over 7000 points.

Obviously stuff like goblins and nomadic orcs use the core official army, but even still 22 units of goblins backed up with 11 units of squig herds is enough for most games :)

One day I may do a proper inventory and actually list them all here.

later dudes.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Warmuster Issue 2 released

Great news, the latest edition of warmuster is out now!
You can find it here.
It is chock full of siege rules and clarifications, scenarios for siege games along with an excellent modelling section on how to make your own fortress and siege equipment cheaply.Download it now, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The worst dungeon party EVER ;)

Well just played the first 2 quests of HQ.
A great time was had by all, but the group was a little uncoordinated resulting in the wizard and dwarf dying in the second quest.
I helped out with a couple of revive potions and all was well.

Once they get a their gig going it will turn into an even better night!
The wife didn't manage to join in and there was an argument as Gaz had played using her barbarian :)
So the next session looks like being a barbarian fest!!!

I think they are all a long way off playing descent but who knows :)

Later y'all.