Wednesday, 18 April 2012

And the gluing goes on

Another few models glued together.
Bought a shit load this month, so going to get them glued together and then I don't need to buy anything, but essentials for a while :)
Might be ready to start painting again next week.

Also went down to a very small yet friendly club in rotherham last night.
They play from 7pm on a Tuesday at the bridge inn. They play all sorts of stuff and are a very friendly bunch, I will be popping down from time to time.

Any way back to the superglue.

Monday, 16 April 2012

I got records on my fingers and I just can't stop!

Ill all last week so no posts :(
This week is a frenetic week of catching up with work.
That and I decided to assemble all my recently bought warmahordes stuff ???
So after 5 vengers, 6 jacks, hordes of infantry 2 titans (don't fit together), a shit load of superglue, GS and drill bits, I thought I had finished, only for another 12 packs to arrive today :)

The PP models are beautiful, but some of there kit choices (seperate hands) is taking the piss a bit :P and please don't get me ranting on about those titans.
Migth slow down with it a bit now and focus on painting in preparation to getting a few battle engines and the colossals when they are launched.

Also looking to have a look at a new club in Rotherham on a Tuesday, less distance to travel, so will see.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Slow day

Loads of models are on the bench today, ready for pinning and gluing.
Then a swift undercoat and we are good to go.
I am partaking in the PP tale of painters and upto now am managing to paint around 35 points a month (required is 5).
I have finished off an Avatar and hoping to do a few Cygnar jacks as well as a couple of menoth units I am dying to try out.
All this has been funded by me buying and splitting the 2 player boxset.
For an outlay of £120 I have £200 in return plus nearly half the models left.
Shame waugh games couldn't deliver fast enough as I was on a bit of an earner there.
Ah, well their loss, if they don't want a guaranteed £120 every week, no skin off of my nose :)
I was hoping to get the stuff trade, but it is like getting rocking horse shit.

Anyway off to do some testing.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

I am shite at warmachine :)

Went to a new LGS yesterday.
The Outpost on furnival gate.

Looks ok, but very poor advertising and comms this early in a shops life does not bode well.
We did however get a £5 voucher and Eva bought herself a Cygnar Firefly that she has been wanting for weeks.
But the staff (and there were loads of them) ignored her and focused on me, even though she was the one with the cash, making the purchase.
Now in this day and age, after years of this hobby being populated by smelly teenage boys/men, you would think the staff would try to embrace a bit of female interest, but no, even though some of them were female (I think)!
They also failed to mention their small warmachine tourney this afternoon. Instead thinking it better to give 12 hours notice via facebook??? WTF.

So we decided to play here and practice (I am not ready for tourneys, let alone her).
Eva took pHaley, firefly, thorn and a sentinel for 12 pts (what the tourney was pointed at) and I took pKreoss, a crusader and after having much success with the avatar over the past few weeks, one of those.

Now the avatar works great at 25pts+ but below that he seems to be a bit of a points drain. It never did anything of any use and after 3 turns firefly had electrocuted kreoss to a crisp followed up by a deft charge and haley charged in to finish the job.
She just needs to read up on what her stuff can do and I think a future warmachine champion is in the making :)