Monday, 6 September 2010

Definition of a 'PRO' painter

Another long gap between posts.
But I have been busy.
I am half way through my Albion army and then I got distracted by a piece of commission work doing some warmaster wound counters.
This work absolutely revitalised my enthusiasm for the hobby side of warmaster.
I was well paid (in rare alt units) and the customer was happy with what I had done.
So I sold on half of what I had been 'paid' and with the proceeds bought a 4000 point chaos army.

As regular readers will atest, I already have an obscenely large chaos force so this was for sale only.
The army arrived, not quite as described, but still a very good price.
I got on with painting it and the entire 4000 points was done in 2 weeks :)
I split them 50/50 nurgle and khorne and advertised them on forums rather than eBay, as I find it good for buying and not so good for selling :(
Within a few hours both armies had gone to the same buyer for a very handsome profit, so down to the title of this post:
At what point does someone consider themselves a pro painter?
I don't, even though people ask me to paint for them and I sell armies specifically painted for that purpose, yet I see items regularly described as 'pro-painted' on eBay just becaus e the bloke selling them has sold a painted model on eBay!

Anyway, work is getting hectic so my evenings will be taken up more and more.
I have just knocked up 4 units of pegasus knights and 2 kings on a hippogriff for the bretonnian army I am doing next and there is the last half of the Albion army to do.

I am also working with Draxion on a new Amazon list and he is going hell for leather painting up his amazons, a new norse army and even mentions of a nippon or ogre kingdoms force WTF!

I am also trying to touch up my existing armies as well as painting a new 2000 point chaos army (possibly slaanesh) with a view to funding a new Araby army to cover the official list and the 2 trail/fan lists :)

Anyway, happy painting.