Monday, 26 April 2010

All quiet on the western front

No painting or playing for me as I have damaged my shoulder.
This means that even if I could hold a model to paint it, the meds I am on prevent me from seeing straight :(
So the WM beastmen are still 19 units away from being completed and my BKC british are in a box in the garage.

Lovely and sunny here and I cannot walk the dog or go in the woods on the bike. :(

Grumpy of Sheffield

Monday, 19 April 2010

Say what you do and Do what you say

I hate it when people promise you stuff and then fuck you over or 'forget'!
This sort of crap goes on all the time where I work but in this case my rant is not work related.

Now I am a reasonable guy.
When I ask how long something will take, tell the truth, I don't mind if you say 3 weeks then I expect things in 3 weeks.
If I am not happy, I will tell you and we can come to some agreement.

So to the example in hand, I wanted to order a large army for BKC from Pendraken to pick up from Triples.
After a lengthy email discussion I agreed to pick them up and pay for them there so as to save the guy his paypal costs.
Now I would have preferred to pay via paypal but as I said, I am a reasonable guy.

The pill was sweetened with a promise of a discount.

Now I am also the sort of person who buys an army in one go.
So I pick up the army and no sign of the discount???
I thought ah well I'll email the guy, surely he will send me a paypal refund or even some models (don't really need any but it is better than nothing).
Only to be told, yes it was his fault, he forgot and the next time I buy something from him 'he will do me a deal'!!!

Is it me or does this remind anyone of those e-scams from Nigera LOL

As previously stated I have all the models I want so why should I line his pockets further to get a discount I should already have!

So if you want to use this exciting new business model, let Pendraken know as they may have patented it!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Delayed output

I hit a bit of painters block (30 units and 4 troop types from the end of an army project is never good for one's head) and other hobbies and holidays have interfered with my usual output.
That being said, my epic are looking great, my WW2 10mm british arrived today and I remember now why I love magura rim brakes :-*
My stuff can be seen here

Now just 9 units of herdkin and 9 units of beastherd and I am done :)
If anyone knows where to get small 10mm scale trees from cheap in the UK, I would appreciate the info :)

Triples visit - the horrors of living with uber-geeks.

Been to triples today, first time in three years :)
I love the triples as it is 5 minutes from where I live so I can nip in and out all weekend :)

Turns out an old mate of mine helps sort it out so it was good to catch up with him.

Also managed to blow the best part of 200 quid on a full WW2 British force, bases and paints, the FWC rulebook.

But the biggest problem I have with wargame events like this is that unlike a lot of gamers I live in a family of uber-geeks!
Yes the wife loves the hobby and serious boardgames, as do the 2 daughters.
But what always costs me a fortune is their obsession with dice!
Dad can we have a bag of dice?, can we have that lovely chest to store our dice in?
It goes on and on.

Then, whilst most hobbyists hide what they buy from their spouses, I have to drag mine away from stalls as she attempts to barter down the man to let us have dungeon lords at 25% discount. :)

One retailer was most shocked when he quipped to her 'bet you didn't think he meant this kind of shopping?' with a smug grin only for my wife to retort with her usual acerbic wit ;) bet he didn't expect that :) but it is better than her beating his head in with a bag full of dice which has been known to happen when muppets patronise her :)

The medieval reenactment was very tame.
I think they train up at Bradfield where we go for our beer.
So after watching them for 20 minutes and nearly getting chucked out, we were about to leave but tht archery started.
Now I know these people do this out of the goodness of their hearts but for F**K sake at least have a bit of a practice!!!
Most of these people could not hit the side of a barn door let alone a target.
The eldest insisted she could do better and I do not doubt it.
So we left for a BBQ in the glorious weather having to drag the kids away from the show kicking and screaming.

Now should I go tomorrow?
Wallet could probably do with a rest ;)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Long time no blog

Mmm, the wait for the horkuns allowed me time to dabble in forbidden areas.
Such as servicing my bike and buying into epic (well FWC).

So after getting over £200 for my army I bought some new brakes for my bike and got back into that side of things full on and got out my old unpainted epic eldar force and after a read around decided to start playing FWC which looks quite good and is based on my favourite ruleset warmaster.

I did manage to paint the horkuns and now they await the crews painting and sticking in, I also managed to prep up the 8 (or so I thought) units of herdkin turns out I had 11 so along with the 9 other units the beastmen are going to be a massive horde :)

Well it is triples this weekend and I am off to pick up my 3000 point British force a copy of FWC and hopefully some 6mm space marines to match up against my eldar :)

I will try to not wait as long before my next post.