Monday, 24 September 2012

Illness and the loneliness of the airbrush amateur

So September sees me hospitalised with my mysterious GI tract infection, nice :( It has put the brakes on my projects, but I have managed to pick up my airbrush and start painting my legion of everblight boxset. Now other factions I have just bought EVERYTHING and most of it never sees the light of day, so with legion I thought I would be smart. I like pThagrosh and pLylyth comes in the box so I will run those two casters. Then I have magnetized 3 dragonspawn kits for my heavies and will be be getting Typhon. Next up 8 shredders, a max unit of grotesques, 2 max units of warspears, a forsaken, 2 sheperds, a max spawning vessel, 1 raek and a spell martyr is what my force looks like. Now I am not sayin I won't get more stuff, but only things the force needs to bolster it and not just generic units I pick up 'cheap'. I painted up the spawn with the airbrush and they don't look too bad for a first go and the whole process is definitely quicker. The paint also seems to adhere better so good bye to shitty army painter, might even strip the ones I have undercoated just to be on the safe side and the fact that the airbrush struggles to adhere to the finish. Anyway got to go, selling my warmaster kislev force to fund buying a new porsche, sorry ;) new projects which include the new x wing game :) Laters

Saturday, 1 September 2012

GW buys me an Airbrush

Dark Vengeance is here and my LFGS was selling the LE version for £52 so I bought 3 :) Now I haven't played 40k in decades and while I love the fluff the game is shite. So I have no intention of keeping any of it. All bound for eBay, if it fetches my modest target I should have a nice shiny airbrush and compressor this time next week ;) I was tempted to keep the termis for space hulk, but since I haven't played it in 2 years I might as well cash in :) No painting really this month due to holidays, but hoping to pick up next month in time for me starting legion and circles armies :) Keep safe and keep gaming.