Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Raspberry, Foam and Cthulhu

Well it's been really busy round these parts. First off with my warmahordes painting, managed to paint 1 colossal, 2 battle engines a couple of solos and 4 skorne titans and there is still a week to go until August :) Also my KR foam arrived and all my armies are now very well protected. That said there website is shite and I had to call them to sort it out, that and them not providing a discount (a whopping 10%, I can get 20% off of a secondary retailer) until I had bought 10 cases (£220) :(. Great product but lack lustre customer relations. Then the RaspberryPi turned up, this reminded me of being a 10 year old boy when I opened my ZX81 and tried to get it to work, oh those happy days of trying to explain how cool it was to my 'family' only for them to stare blankly. A bit of fiddling and there she sat chugging away in glorious 50" HD. Looking to use it for teaching the girls coding and controlling the lego stuff I have. A couple of the guys down at 'GIMPS' mooted the idea of a Call of Cthulhu RPG night. Now I ain't played any RPGs since 1991 when my character in Cyberpunk 2020 choked on his own vomit in a lift ;) So Gav provided the accommodation and Col provided the GM skills. I was a bit rusty, but we soon got up to speed and had an absolutely great night. Can't wait for the next session. Anyway off to paint Nemo3, Laters.